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Passion is one of those great things in life that have so many meanings and at the same time it can’t be really put into words.

Here at Oral Design Miami we believe dentistry can achieve and keep the highest standards, we believe knowledge doesn’t have limits and that communication is indeed the key to success! 

Our founder , Dr. Javier Vasquez believes that creating a direct bridge of communication between dentist to dentist would facilitate the delivery of the highest standards to the most important of all : the patient . 

Clinical Consultant and Instructor

For more than 10 years we have been mentoring dentists all over the world. Always believing  we can truly make a difference in the industry. 

Our one to one clinical training experiences have a multidiciplinary approach starting from function all the way  to esthetics. We teach how to implement the latest technologies in diagnostics, treatment planning and execution.

Dental Lab Esthetics Educator

With the ability of being a Dentist and also a Master Technician , we have the opportunity to share with all our students a Biomimetic approach  during our courses  that combines Science  and Art .

Changing Lives

Transformation 8 Veneers 

DSD Design Center Digital Case Planning

3D Data Integration 

Todays technology gives us the alternative to design from  a Digital Smile Design , Emotional Dentistry , Mock-Up to Advanced Surgical Planning , Clear Orthodontics ... All these with any type  of multidisciplinary combination to satisfy each case’s needs. We have the alternative to treat our patients the right way, by taking a more predictable approach.

Emotional Dentistry 3D mock up

A great alternative for case presentation ,restorative, clear ortho ,implants , create and experience for your patients 

Our Programs

Occlusion Courses

Level  1 Craniocervical Dynamics 

Level 2 Mandibular Trajectories 

Level 3 Biofunctional Equilibration

Level 4 Case Planning 

Level 5 Clear orthodontics 

Level 6 Minimal invasive /bite transfer protocol 

Level  7 Case finishing

Oral Design Ceramic Courses

“The time when I met my Maestro Willi Geller, he truly touched my heart and inspired me to push myself to greatness.

Since then , I felt I wanted to create something big, something with meaning where we could all share these same vision, creativity and love for what we do. 

Here at Oral Design Miami , we live and want to transmit his legacy of principles , inspiration, and education with our friends, our colleagues, and those who are seeking to become better than today. 

It’s an honor for me to be an Oral Design Member and mostly to be able to bring to our center the best technicians in the world to share their knowledge and their passion for our profession.

The memories we create together is our true legacy. I Hope you can join us.”

Javier Vasquez


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