Basic Introductory course May 9-10 of 2018 (prerequisite) for workshop


The human body works as a chain of action - reaction events. And it is important to understand all the different mechanisms that are produced even during the therapeutic stages. So that’s why after all these years of collecting information , from Dr. Rocabado’s years of knowledge and research , I have been fortunate to see the connection thru data I have had access thru my consulting services which has guide me to develop a multidisciplinary curriculum that will cover :


-  Basic anatomy concepts of the cervical structures (joints, muscles, dynamics, 

abnormal patterns and compensations)

- Basic cervical analysis , based in range of motion , x-rays , dynamic x-rays

-  Understanding of the articular dynamics

- Differences between kinematics and arthrokinematics of the synovial


-   Arthrokinematics Assessment

- Relation between head and neck

-  Dr. Rocabado Craniocervical and Temporomandibular Techniques

-  Facial asymmetries

-  Pain Mapping

- The evolution of the process of the craniomandibular dysfunction

- Clinical implications of the trigeminal cervical nucleus    

-  Craniocervical and craniomandibular components

-  Lateral cephalometric analysis and high resolution tomography analysis

Hands on Activities

Distraction Techniques

TMJ Pain Mapping 

Cervical Assesment

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Cranio Cervical Dynamics Level One the conection with NMD

This course is the Connection of Craniocervical stability with Scan interpretation Base in K7 Scans ,based in the initial Foundation of NMD ,back in those Days The only instrumentation we used was the Basic K7  Vector Jaw tracker,  the initial research with Professor Rocabado and the beginning of discovery Of Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion concepts .this course explain the Action Reaction Law , and the false positive possibilities of mandibular trajectories