Biomimetic, Full-Arch Restorations w/ Pekkton

by anaxdent North America

Biomimetic, Full-Arch Restorations with Pekkton®, GC Initial™ LiSi Press and anaxgum™ Pink Composite

Instructor: Javier Vasquez,MICCMO , MDT

When planning a dento gingival restorations, many factors influence a successful outcome, all aspects count!

But the most important concept to understand is that the white structure is just as important as the pink structure.

This course will focus in a wide range of clinical aspects as well as lab aspects based in research and the new advances in technology.

When restoring these type of cases is a MUST to have a good understanding of :

  • Contours in the white structure
  • Embrasures, papilla position
  • Highest contours
  • Line angles
  • Understanding how natural structures behave under different light conditions
  • Understanding the different materials and their properties and the behavior of such materials

During this course you will learn to plan your cases, and, by doing that, you will create a thinking process based in common sense, that will help you thru your design.

The course, designed to apply to dentists and technicians alike, will cover:

  • Function
  • Treatment planning
  • Biology of Pekkton material and biocompatibility
  • Concept “From Value to Chroma” using Lisi Luster pastes
  • Stain and Glaze technique (for chairside and lab)
  • How to prepare various material structures for bonding
  • Bonding protocol / technique
  • Anatomical landmarks, facilitating reproduction of gum tissue
  • Understand the different translucencies of the gum to be able to create different effects
  • Techniques to emulate a broad range of gingiva colorations
  • Understand that there is no "cook book.” Each case is unique and deserves thorough evaluation 

Objective : Complete a 6-unit anterior implant case, using Lisi crowns cemented to a Pekkton Framework, and using anaxgum pink composite for pink esthetics.

Lisi crowns will be pressed in colors MT B1, A1 and Zirconia A2 and at the end the final color of the whole restoration will be A1.

All participants will follow along with hands-on practice, creating the demo model they will take home. 

Accompanying observer seats are available by request as long as space allows. Call anaxdent North America at 877.897.6598 for information. 

July 20-21 and Oct 27, 2018,

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